Architectural Design

We help customers turn their expectations into realities.

Our priority has always been to deliver high quality design to our customers. Working together with CORE, customer's satisfaction is the prime of business. Know what individual wants most and what my company does best. Delivery the best services to the customers when they do business with us.
Unlike large- scale companies, we do not endeavor to have more tasks. Our focus is on the customer services and leading our efforts to meet customers' requirements. Our job is to implement every important aspect of customer's idea to design a construction and deliver our proposal promise.
In addition, large- scale businesses typically executive works in high volume. Some of customers would think that the large-scale firms tend to have limited services at a high price, which means that can't offer the strong and detailed packages. However, experienced architectures design carefully, response promptly to change customer preferences, deliver customized products and high level of personal services at a competitive price.

Strong and Durable

we ensure to provide a consistently high qualitied and lasting design to our customers. Another major advantage that our company deliver appropriate structural design and suitable layout of facilities, we put in our design steep quality, really comfortable look, long lasting use and combining with an elegant material. We make sure every customer would enjoy superior ideas we offer.

Either irational or useless design is impossible

The costs for a construction project consist a number of cost components including finishing materials, architectural and engineering design, and equipment’s, etc. Although various design estimates reflect the progress of the design, for implementing the project, the total construction cost associated with those components would be much higher due to unnecessary design. At the end of day, every penny counts. Everything comes with a price tag. Therefore, we would like to use the proper finances and budgets for owner's perspective. We are able to propose a neat, fluid and relaxing environment and go with style and efficiency at the same time.
So called minimalist comes from the image of simplicity. we select a great and cost-effective items to meet customer's demands, achieving the minimalist and luxury design at the same time.