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  • Department of Engineering

    Construction inspection,Testing & Instrumentation services
    CORE’s engineers and testing specialists provide outstanding services for major infrastructure projects services, including construction inspection, testing and instrumentation, as well as post in situ/ infrastructure surveys.
  • Inspection services
    The capabilities of our team provide the following nondestructive inspections Visual Testing / Ultrasonic Testing /Impact elastic wave method/ Pulse radar method/ / Magnetic particle Testing /Acoustic Emission Testing/ Radiographic Testing/ Grouting filling condition of PC cracks examination
  • Testing & instrumentation services
    We also provide quality control infrastructure testing service to meet the construction specifications and experimental standards. The experiments include bridge cyclic loading test/ punching shear test on bridge deck slabs/ residual expansion test/ test method for chloride ion content/ test method for compressive strength of concrete and effective stress estimation/ test methods for Alkali-Silica Reaction deterioration/ concrete specimens design and cast.

  • Department of Design

    Design for PC and RC structures
    We service clients from new construction conceptual planning and detailed design, design project on maintenance, existing structures repair and strengthen design, seismic design, evaluation of PC members and construction planning.
  • Numerical analysis services
    We provide a wide range of computation analysis and graphic services, i.e. Elastic-plastic FEM analysis, nonlinear FEM analysis, thermal stress analysis, Time-Dependent Strain Analysis, and Wavelet Analysis.